Thursday, April 4, 2013

Technology Blues

It was nice to get together with a friend and just jam for a while. I have been so involved with the technological aspects of music I forgot perhaps the joy of playing it without a laptop. Believe me, I have not abandoned by technological roots and I was using Moog guitar but the core of ant music should be about being a musician right?

And yet, I also desire to return to FireGiver that has been supplanted by Moog Guitar. FireGiver will be taking a move towards automation with much less pure improvisation. I think I will begin with working on more exacting control of Live's Operator and Reaktor Prism. I will eventually use Live's new automation controls to tame the feedback of Prism.

So, I guess at this point I feel bifurcated between musician and sound designer but I am hoping for a happy coexistence.