Thursday, July 3, 2008


I have been an amateur synthesizer programer, sound desinger, musician and composer for quit some time now. Over the years I have gone through many chnages in the way I do things with music and my musical philosophy.

I have a PC now loaded with all sorts of soft synths but lately, I have been re-evaluating my needs and I am considering a Korg OASIS which is a very powerful and very expensive hard synth.

Do I want to abandon my soft synth? No, not at all but as I have become a more serious composer I like to have focus and a quick way to get to musical ideas. On a technical level I have great synths but on the level of creativity, I often find myself getting bogged down in technicalities. One of my most useful synths, Spectrasonics Atmosphere, is just a collection of samples (a great collection but not much of a synth per say). Having a single and portable (sort of ) synth would help me to focus and create music because its all integrated. I don't have to sit there and wait for a computer to boot or hope a VST is not going to crash my host sequencer if I load it or worry about the dreaded digital glitch sound.

So I find myself longing to have one of these things. Perhaps I should just get a Power Mac and load it with my collection and then get more or perhaps, I should get one place to go and focus on music. That does not mean that I can't pepper my work with the occasional soft synth sample made into an OASIS library but it will perhaps get me on the musical rather than the technical track.

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