Saturday, July 4, 2009

Analogue adds variety to a sea of clones

It would seem to be that the digital world has become a sea of copies. It's pretty much monkey see, monkey do out there. I recently heard a criticism of someones work (not mine), claiming that the process used to create a track was not hard to do. I will not go into the details, but the truth is, that even the least innovative of ideas that at least gets outside the box today for me is leaps and bounds above most music.

Even the tools of today, the digital workstations replete with clones copies of past musical ideas, are nothing more than a rehashinf of the past. Technologically a bit more innvative, some more so than others, but tame and safe archetechtures desgined to get the musican up and playing the same old stuff again and again.

Hard to do this with analogue. A slight tinge of MIDIfied presets in places but otherwise, a sea of possiblities but not clear path to take. Modulars especially are unpredicable but can provide a wealth of sounds that no one has played and as of yet sampled.

I have Spectrasonics Atmosphere (and now Omnisphere) as well as many sample libararies and dont' get me wrong, I like them at times when I need just the right layering of sounds but in many ways I am just cloning someone else's sounds. It's why I have moogerfoogers and hopefully with have a modular soon. Time to find a brave new world of sound that is not just a copy of the past.

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