Sunday, January 10, 2010

Music Fields Latest Obessesion with Toys

I have to tell you that lately, I have a new pet peeve that is really driving me nuts. Every day it seems like a new I-Phone app comes out that does something with music. There are also a lot of gadgets that while they have some musical value, are certainly not going to be part of the routine tools of a musician/composer. Sure, some albums have used all sorts of odd instruments, and at times, these can be effective, but lately, the adds for the I-Phone apps present these as serious instruments.

One that even caught my eye lately is the Tenori. An expensive little toy that is just that, a toy. I was interested enough that I printed and read the manual but when I did this, I found that while the idea of a visually based sequencer is certainly interesting and may in fact be the basis for some serious musical tools, this one still seemed lacking in the musical end. It seemed more based on the desires of "Guitar Hero" fans than serious musicians even though the platform itself was broad enough to provide musical tools that would make it a much better product.

So there is my pet peeve of the day. Less toys, more music and an app that allows me to block news about the latest musical app.

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