Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Phone I Pads and Mutated Lemurs

I would seem in the world of music today there are many many ways to control things and all are completing for the market. Lately, everyone seems obsessed with controlled things with their phone, specifically, their I-Phone. I hate to disappoint my readers who are fans of the legendary I-Phone and now its descendant, the I Pad but frankly, I don't need to do music on my phone.

Let me explain a bit. I have a limited home studio (although its not going to be that limited when I have upgraded it a bit) but it works for me. Two keyboards and effects (to simplify - a lot). But the truth is, I have no desire to control any of it with my phone. I have a Blackberry which works for what I use it for, as a combo phone and day planner as well as an Internet source when I can't get to a computer. Bottom line, it is the right tool to use for well, a phone and isn't that what it is?

Now the I Pad whom thousands neigh millions have wanted to spend every last drop of their dwindling cash supply on is sleek to be sure but its a bigger I-Pad combined with Kindle like book reading technology right? OK, a neat toy but would one use it for music. Perhaps.

But consider the Jazz Mutant Lemur. Well, it has tools itself from which other tools can be built and its designed for sound and many people are trying to bring Live, MAX/MSP and the Lemur together. If you don't believe me Google or You Tube these words together. Interesting and innovative stuff. A bit beyond I-Phone mania and electrtronic toy lust. Although granted I do have gear lust but not so much for phones turned controllers.

For music, my bet is on the Lemur. The I-Phone and yes, even the coveted I-Pad are toys. Sophisticated toys but toys. What one has to ask is what provides the most flexibility and expandability for the future. That is the Lemur in my book but it's just me, I suppose if you are looking to find and app to get you to your kitchen sink, theirs an app for that somewhere.

Now as a controller, the Lemur has its limitations. Its not tactile except for a touch screen and depending on the application, I would favor the continuum but for those who are buying Ableton controllers or other such gadgets, the Lemur does the trick IMHO.

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