Monday, February 27, 2012

Post Industrial Soundscapes and Electronica

I have often been interested in the concept of a Soundscape which is really just the constant flood of sounds that we hear everyday. Where we live can have a big influence on this. I live in a city with a highway overpass nearby. At the moment I hear the muffled sound of cars and trucks from the overpass and the local roads, the sound of the furnace, the sounds of the office, someone coming upstairs, the doorbell (very irritating) and even the sound of my typing on the IPad.

As a continuation of my last blog, I realize how much of what we hear is mechanical and industrial. This must have an impact on our music. Perhaps the sound set of house, techno, hip hop, dubstep and the whole host of evolving genres is just a reflection of the industrial Soundscape we live in.

I wonder if those who live in Montana listen to different music than those like me who live in a city? Would Vivaldi have written about the 4 seasons if he lived in a modern city?

This is more of a question than an answer. I am wondering what others think and hoping to get some comments.

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