Thursday, May 17, 2012

Izotope Iris Review

Ok, I have been using Iris for a few weeks now so I thought I might write a review about it. I suppose the greatest complement to a synth is to use it in a composition. So far, I have only fiddled around with it so the jury is out on that. I can say that I have used Alchemy more than once in a composition.

Off the bat, Iris should remain at the introductory price. Alchemy can pretty much do what it does and does 10 times more. That being said, Iris is a specialty synth but that said, once again it should be priced as such.

In support of Iris, the interface is simple so it lends itself to experimentation. I know that I often find complex interfaces an obstacle to creativity at times.

However, a few simple tools would help. 1st, I would like to see a graphic environment more like Adobe illustrator. This way, regions could be much more easily identified and edited.

I would also like to see a blur brush. A gradient tool to lighten or darken would also be nice to create cross fades.

I would also like to be able to accurately identify what frequencies and times correspond to selections (perhaps a small indicator next to the selection).

Iris is fun and does open one up to creativity but it's almost like version 0.5 to me. It could be a much stronger synth without loosing simplicity then it might be worth the price.

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