Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Second Thoughts

In many ways the title for this blog has several meanings. The 1st is that I am revising "Second Thoughts" for my "Fire Giver" album. This composition represents the thoughts of Victor Frankenstein after he creates his monster. The beating heart and heavy breath represent his horror after creating the monster which he flees from. This is the second meaning of the title.

The 3rd meaning is a bit of my own life seeping in here. I do work in a hospital often with the critically ill. I am not a doctor or nurse but I do see families torment themselves over ventilators when at times they only prolong the inevitable. Don't worry, I am no angel of mercy and I strongly oppose Euthanasia. I just see the limits of medical care.

Frankenstein (the book not the movie) is really an inquiry into the limits of science. It is not anti science but is a recognition that science has limits.

I am sure that many families after suffering for days sometimes with a loved on on a vent wonder if they have done the right thing thus the 3rd meaning, "Second Thoughts". Often love is in letting go.

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