Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Into the Mist - Notes 9/5/12

Into The Mist

At the end of the book we start were we began which in romantic literature is called framing. We find ourself again with captain Walton as he seeks passage across the North Pole. but now with full knowledge of Victor Frankenstein's tale and the monster. Both Victor and the monster come to a terrible end. Victor heartbroken from knowing that his own creation has destroyed everything in his life that he loved dies. The monster pursues victor but it's to late. The monster realizing that he can't live in civil society continues his journey on the frozen ice of the North Pole into the mist, the ice and oblivion.

I wanted to convey a metallic and cold feeling here to reflect the state of the monsters heart and Victor's before his death. The Orchestration is place for this reason.


Ice - Idaho Recordist "ultimate Ice" Clips
With Guitar Rig (Vintage EQ, Impulse Response - Reflector - Spirit Canyon)
Tbe Clips
The Deep Blue Sea - Switch 1
Thin Ice - Switch 2
Into the Mist - Switch 3

The Mist
Ableton Effect Rack - Keymapped
Operator - high
Absynth - Low
Guitar Rig
Space Echo
Reflector Impulse Response - Spirit Canyon Audio "Chlorazapime"

Drone - Moog Voyager - Soundscape shifter (patch 15) with 104 M
Effects - Guitar Rig - Psychedelic Delay - Reflector
Impulse Response - Spirit Canyon Audio

Slider 1 - Absynth Volume
Slider 2 - Ice Volume
Slider 3 - Pitch Envelope (Level)
Slider 4 - Spread
Slider 5 - Tape Feedback
Slider 6 - Tape Speed
Pedal 1 - Oscillator A - Pitch (fine)
Switch 1 - deep ice cracking and deep water sounds
Switch 2 - Sharper Ice cracking
Switch 3 - footsteps on Ice

Begin with Operator, use Pedal 1 for pitch shift
Slowly bring in Absynth (Slider 1) and Voyager
Bring in ice clips in consecutive order ending in footsteps

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