Monday, October 22, 2012

The Matrix

Who can forget the shock of Neo who followed the white rabbit, took the pill and discovered that the world he thought was really was nothing more than a computer program and he was no more than a battery.

In some ways I think as an electronic artist I can get trapped into another kind of matrix. The one that tells me that all music has to come from a computer. Well, I have been living in two worlds for some time now. A few examples:

The Korg Wavedrum - no MIDI but very flexible. Ok, technically there us a computer running to control it but it's in the background. The sound is processed not MIDI triggered.

Moog Voyager.

Well, it's got MIDI and a computer but you don't need the MIDI to make music with it and the computer only controls analogue circuits.

Moog Guitar

Only MIDI if you want it. I suppose it may have chips but no real controlling computer here. This is why I bought one.


Yes, that amazing invention of yore, the microphone. No computers and there is a whole world of sounds to record.

Just a few suggestion here on how one might leave the matrix.

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