Friday, November 30, 2012

Music Therapy and Synthesizers

For a few years now I have tried to convince music therapists of the value that synthesizers could bring to the practice of music therapy. Natalie Mullis, a music therapist, tweeted an article written by Tanya Lewis on using various sounds to try to improve the recovery of patients in a coma.

As a musician and composer of electronic music I know the power of of synthesizers to expand the pallet of sound available to a composer far beyond what instruments provide. Not only that but sampling also makes a wide range of world and exotic instruments accessible when the cost of buying these instruments would be provocative.

I also know about a whole range of music controllers that use light and sound in ways that may open up new therapeutic pathways that otherwise would not be possible.

On application of synthesizers is binaural beats to entrain brain waves. This technique was been known fir years by EM artists but is seldom if ever part of the music therapists toolkit.

I often joke about how music therapists get most of their instruments from West Music. I have a whole universe of instruments that are on my laptop.

I at times feel I am banging my head against a wall here due to the wall of silence from music therapists. However, I remain convinced that synthesizers can greatly benefit music therapy and despite a lack of response I remain determined. I have great respect for music therapists and my true hope is that they will allow me to share my art and technological knowhow so that perhaps I can bring some new tools to their important work.

The door is always open to my music therapy friends. Just ask.

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