Saturday, January 26, 2013

Vacation 2013

As I am feeling the winters chill I am packing up some gear for a long overdue vacation. You might see a flurry of blogs from me as I have a lot of drafts that never made it to being published. I also hope to connect with a friend on what will hopefully be a collaboration at the next Electro Music Festival.

As NAMM news rolls in I will publish a blog of my impressions. At the moment I see only a few bright lights but we shall see. I am having my own personal NAMM by reintroducing myself to my own gear especially going deeper with foogers. This may lead to building a full blown modular but not one of these generalized ones but a specialized audio processor. I am going to start an initial experiment using Live's effects chaining. As of late my Moog Guitar explorations have opened my spectral ears again. What I want to do is side chain by Moog Guitar to my Voyager. The goal being to create these massive organic swells using the Moog Guitar's unique envelope as the breathe (sort of speak). The first block of an effects chain would be a crossover similar to the first part of a vocoder and then chaining different effects to each channel. The idea being to get effects to function as one and to be more responsive to the spectral dynamics of Moog Guitar and other instruments. At some point my MP 201, CP 251 and Voyager expander will come into play and as I said, even a modular in the future.

I also want to continue to use not only Moog Guitar but other sampled and perhaps real instruments in the future including a gong. Again, the idea being to channel the frequency spectrum to different effects,

I also want to work on a set of Alchemy and Absynth patches based on processed Moog Guitar.

So anyway, I hope I can at least move a few of these projects forward a bit over vacation.

More to cone...

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