Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dark Zebra - Pre Review

As of late, I have been pretty selective in buying synths or effects. One if my rules in buying a synth is to not overlap with what I have. Either in terms of sound or function I wan't it to provide new sonic territory.

I bought Zebra from almost it's inception but as I was moving synths from my desktop Zebra did not make it for a while. After a time I did manage to download it. Using the old license on a new computer could not have been easier and using a synth after an absence from it for some time was like rediscovering it.

Zebra covers a lot of ground both sonically and in terms of function. The GUI is minimal but the power is in the modular aspect of it's design that let's connections be made on a grid. It's not exactly a software version of a modular (U-He Ace covers that) but the modular aspect does lend itself to a whole lot of power for those who want to explore.

It also has multisegment envelopes which are lacking in many synths. This makes in perfect for soundscapes.

As for filters, that where I think the darker Zebra is going so shine. It's moving towards Zebra 3 and a an implementation of Diva like filters. Bottom line that means a very analogue sounding synth but with much more power and scope than standard VA soft synths.

Of course, Dark Zebra has a step sequencer and lest I forget a resonator. I'm partial to resonators. I find they add that most mysterious quality to sounds.

So, probably latter today I will get the darker Zebra and look forward to Zebra reborn. My review of what I find in Zebra with no lights to follow.

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