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Fire Giver Notes

Frankenstein Notes



We find a common technique of the romantic period here called framing. We meet the captain of a ship, Robert Warren who is seeking a way to get from the Arctic Ocean to the North Pacific via the North Pole. Warren is aware of the challenges and warns his wife that if he fails he may return soon but perhaps not return at all. We also find Warren's letters at the end of the book after he has met both Victor and his monster.

2- The Lonely Journey
Warren is lonely on the ship and looking for companionship.
We find for the 1st time an allusion to "The Rhime of the Ancient Mariner" in 3 very Romantic ideas (seafaring, the mysterious, the quest for knowledge)

3 - A Letter to Home
Warren continues to express a heartfelt confidence that he will find his passage but not really backed up by knowledge which is a very romantic notion. He has the good fortune of passing a ship returning to England called "The Merchantman who will be able to get his letter to his sister before his return.

4 - Victor is Saved
Warren's ship 1st encounters a gigantic man (I.e. the monster, driving a dog sled) and then Victor trailing him on a block of ice. Warren is delighted to have someone to talk to. Here Victor begins as narrator in a sense and then fully in chapter 1


1 - The Early Years
Victor tells us of the early years of his family, both hard times & good - the gift of Elizabeth - themes of hearth/home

2 - The Alchemists
Victor speaks of his interest in the alchemists Cornelius Agrippa, Paracelsus and Albertus Magnus (not really an alchemist but more a natural scientist)
Victor witnesses a lightening storm that blows apart a tree
Idea for sound
A lightening strike morphing into a nuclear explosion, morphing into a vocal cluster (Symphony of Voices) morphing into ice effect or ice like sound)


Lightening Strike 2

Reaktor Prism - SlowMotion
Cello -Solo
Novachord - 1939 - Pad - Unseen

3 clips - assigned to lowest notes on keyboard
Tesla Coil
Nuclear Blast

Live Reverb

Slider 1 - Volume Reaktor (Prism)
Slider 2 - Volume Kontakt (Cello and Novachord
Slider 3 - Clip Volume
Slider 4 - Clip Transpose
Slider 5 - Prism - Feedback
Slider 6 - Prism

3 - Ingolatadt
Victor's mother Carolyn dies
Victor meets his teaches Krempe and Waldman
Waldmen encourages victor to learn every branch of natural science

4 - Grace Robber
Victor excels at Ingolstadt especially in chemistry but Victor would become reclusive seeking body parts in graveyards. Victor's withdrawal from the world gets worse. He let's letters go unanswered and his health is effected.
Shelley is intimating the romantic ideal that man must control technology not technology which controls man.


The Graveyard

Metal gate (of graveyard)
Human remains (grapefruit squish)


Bowed Gamelan
Cylindrum (Kontakt)

5 - The Creation of the Monster
Henry Clerval - Romantic - Poet - Friend - Knight of the Round Table
Ingolstadt - The Iluminati - Science - The Enlightenment
The re-animation of a dead body - Galvanism - Ventalators
The monster is created. Victor is horrified and runs from his creation. He is found by Clerval who slowly brings him back to health.
The monster is created - need music to represent Victors horror
Perhaps sounds of footsteps running, heavy breathing, heartbeat, synthetic sound as the sound of Victors fears chasing him through the streets.
The dream of victors mother - worms from her head
Rhime of the ancient mariner quoted. Influential in the novel.


Paradise Lost
Second Thoughts

Deep Breathing (Slot 1)
Hospital Ventilator (Slot 2)

Blade (controlled by Live envelope follower)
Kontakt 4 - Strings
Cello (ensemble)
Viola (solo)

Slider 1 - Blade Volume
Slider 2 - Strings volume
Slider 3 - ElectraX volume

6 - Visit with an Old Friend
Letters from home, family matters, Victor's recovery, language studies

7 - The Death of William
William (youngest brother) is strangled by the monster
Victor glimpses the monster in flashes of lightening
Victor suspects the monster is guilty but does not want to reveal it.

8 - The Trial and Hanging of Justine
Justine is accused of William's murder (the monster places a locket in her pocket)
Justine is hung unjustly for the crimes of Victor's monster. Victor looks on helplessly knowing the true guilty party.

9 - A Time for Healing
Victor's 2nd depression - Refuge at Lake Geneva - Suicide considered
The Chamounix valley - depression a theme of Romantic writers - Why?
The healing powers of nature - Mont Blanc - Percy Shelly

10 - The Monster Confronts His Maker
Connection with Milton's "Paradise Lost" - name for the song of Frankenstein meeting his monster? - the creature as Victor's Adam before and after the fall - banished from paradise
The romantic view that people are born good but society corrupts them - much like the monster
The glaciers - snow, ice, rock - connection to the scene at the north pole
The storm signals the monitors approach - weather as signal

11 - The Monster and The De Lacey Family
the monster relates his early life experiences to victor - romantic vision of home and hearth - the monster does not dare approach.

12 - The Monster Learns to Speak
The monster learns French from the De Lacey family, he begins to gather wood from them, he sees his reflection

13 - Reflection on Good and Evil
A Turkish woman comes to the cottage and learns French, the monster learns more from this, Shelley goes more into the good and evil nature of man, language is seen as good, themes of Paradise Lost - is Shelley here wrestling with issues of science as good or evil?

14 - De Lacey family history
Felix, Safie's father is defended by the De Lacey family but in their battle to free her father from the Gallows their wealth is confiscated. The family was well to do but is brought to ruin.

15 - The Monster Learns to Read
Plutarch's "Lives of Illustrious Greeks and Roman's", Milton's "Paradise Lost", Goethe's "Sorrows of Werter", and Victor's notes found in his jacket
The monster questions his place in the world, he sees his reflection
The monster decides that in spite of his looks the family might accept him. He waits till only the blind father remains who warmly welcomes him but on seeing him, Felix beats him severely and the monster leaves without any resistance.


Paradise Lost

16 - The Monster Requests a Companion
As the monster tells his story, he catches up with Victor's in time
The De Lacey family leaves the cottage and it's burned down by the monster.
William (Victors brother) is murdered by the monster when he realizes who it is
The locket is placed in Justine's pocket sealing her fate
The monster requests that Victor create a mate for him

17 - The Ultimatum
The monster gives victor an ultimatum. Either make him a mate or he will destroy all that is good in Victor's life and make his heart desolate. In exchange, the monster tells him he will leave Europe for the wilderness of South America.
Victor has many doubts and goes into another depression.

18 - A Trip Down The Rhine and Return to Geneva
Victor returns to Geneva to fulfill his promise and make a mate for his monster
Victor recovers and tells his father he want's to catch up on science
Victor tells his father he will marry Elizabeth on his return and travel through Europe and eventually to London. He joins his friend Clerval.
They travel the Rhine - much Romantic imagery here

19 - A New Creation
Victor leaves Clerval who continues his tour of the Rhine
Victor reads the latest philosophers and wrestles with the implications of the plans for a new creation.
He goes to the Ornkey Islands so he can be isolates - his mental condition deteriorates

20 - The Refusal
Victor refuses to go any further fearing that his new creation might be a threat to the world. He destroys the new creation and the monster tells him he will be with him on his wedding night.
The monster disappears into the night.
Victor removes everything from the laboratory and cleans the remains planning to return to Clerval for a trip to India.
On his return from the Island Victor finds he is wanted for murder and is taken into custody.

21 - Clerval is Murdered and Victor Arested
The sight of his friends dead body causes Victor to become extremely I'll for 2 months. A nurse is provided who nurses him back to health in the prison.
His legal council is able to prove his innocence and presence on the island lab at the time of Clerval's murder.
Alphonse takes Victor home but he remains very ill. A brief visit is made to Paris.

22 - Victor marries Elizabeth
They go on their honeymoon and Victor plans on telling Elizabeth about the monster. He fears the threat of the monster expecting the monster to attack.

23 - The Death of Elizabeth
There is a storm (gothic symbol that something will happen). Victor wanders the halls looking for signs of the monster who finds his way to Elizabeth's room and kills her. Victor reaches her and the monster and even gets a shot off but the monster escapes unharmed.
Victor's father, Alphonse, overcome by shock over Elizabeth's death, dies
Victor goes to the local magistrate and tells him the story of his monster from it's creation and that it was the monster who killed his wife.
A few gothic elements here. 1st, there is communication of sorts between Victor and his creature who seems to always know where he is.
Victor vows to spend whatever time it takes to destroy the monster.

24 - The Final Chase
Victor is goaded by the monster's laugh as he visits the graves of his family. The monster's knowledge that Victor would be there is another gothic element. He pursues the monster and chases him out of Geneva and after boarding a ship on the Black Sea and then to Russia and the Arctic Circle
The monster finds a dog sled and Victor continues to pursue but the ice begins to crack.
The two are separated on two different pieces of ice which is where the letters at the beginning of the novel start. The monster want Victor to chase him. He keeps leaving notes. Without them Victor would not be able to pursue him. The arctic is a gothic element.

The end of the book is told from the perspective of Walton's letters. Victor also shows him letters of Felix and Safie to lend credence to his cautionary tale. The two enjoy much time together talking about literature and other things.
Victor is on the verge of death but Walton is also on his own quest to find a Northwest passage and that is failing.
Victor's health gets even worse and now the crew are almost ready to mutiny. Walton agrees to turn the ship around and return to England. Despite his condition, victor wants to continue to pursue the monster.
Victor dies but the monster makes his way on board looking for Victor. He tells Walton his side of the story but then leaves the ship continuing his now fruitless journey and disappears into the mist.
The monster in speaking to Walton alludes to Paradise lost and compares himself to a fallen angel.


Into The Mist
The Ascent

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