Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A New and Old Direction

For a long time now I have had an interest in physical modeling synths not only for their ability to overcome some of the limitations of sampling but also their ability to make sounds that sound nothing like anything anyone was heard in the natural world.

I also have a love of real instruments although space prevents me form having many. None the less, I have studied their development and loved their sounds. I find that new methods of synthesis can't rival the dynamic colors of their sounds.

More akin to my day job, I have an interest in philosophical and theological things so I like my work to express deeper questions. The album I am working on no has some subtle sonic archetypes that I am leaving somewhat sublimated in my music. I wan't my music to speak for itself but also go deeper.

As for the synths I really wan't to focus on:

Reaktor Prism - a sublime synth, modal synthesis

Reaktor Steampipe - which is the only synth I have that models woodwinds well.

Chromaphone - which couples resonators and makes sounds I can't get with anything else.

Ableton Live:

Collision, Tension and Corpus

Kontakt - not as a physical modeler but a great sampler for real instruments.

While not physical modelers I will also use Absynth, Alchemy, Zebra and Iris because they are great synths but I really want to focus and real instruments and physical modeling as well as continue on a philosophical and theological direction with my music.

I have to add an addendum that I will also continue to pursue things analogue because analogue is, well, the other side of the sonic mirror.

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