Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dave Smith Mopho x 4

I did a quick read of the Morpho x 4 manual and I wanted to get some quick Impressions in print.

Oscillators - standard + saw triangle - no sign and discrete rather than continuous like a Moog Voyager.

Also Oscillator sync and FM.

Standard 2 and 4 pole filter - not a lot of selection here although this filter is what gives DS products like the Prophet a unique sound.

Nice MIDI implementation via USB as a MIDI port but it does not act like a plug in. There is a downloadable librarian. It also looks like a plug in version will be available for purchase.

Filter, amp and aux envelopes. Nothing spectacular.

4 LFOs - nice!

A relachable arpeggitor What looks like a pretty powerful step sequencer

Also a feedback loop.

It has weighted keys so it's not cheaply made but very portable.

The voices can be expanded using other Dave Smith Products.

It looks powerful enough but anemic in some areas but considering the limited number of poly analogues out there and that Moog seems reluctant to offer an analogue poly this one certainly deserves a look.

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