Friday, August 10, 2012

Initial Impressions of Space Wiz

I just started using Space Wiz but of all the Jordan Rudess synths this one impresses me the most. I'm sure that there is some influence here from Kepler Orrery (Although Space Wiz us much better) and at first glance one might believe this is a video game but underneath the visuals (which are also well done) there is a rather substantial algorithmic synth. In fact, this is the first musical I App that might make it into my music.

What fascinates me in regard to the possibilities here is that each planet has it's own voice, physical properties and tonal properties. It's like Lemur on steroids.

SpaceWiz also supports CoreMIDI so I will have to try using it on my synths, especially Kontakt.

What I love the most is the ability to use different scales and voices allowing a track to be created to use as a kind of pad for a lead track.

As I explore this more I will post more. Sadly, the wizard Rudess is creating a major distraction before Electro Music so I might have to shelf in depth tonal journey's until Fire Giver is brought to EM fest stage 2 but in the event of any discoveries during preparations I will be sure to post.

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