Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Practicing without a License

Many of those who follow me on Twitter will know that I am an advocate of Music Therapy. It is a task at times that I find challenging as an Electronic Music artist. As an artist I place no boundaries on what I do. Music Therapy on the other hand seems to be defined by strong boundaries. Perhaps it is human nature that to gain legitimacy there is a tendency to create boundaries that become walls.

A recent example of this are statements from music therapists I have heard more that once that only music therapists (licensed of course) should use music for therapy.

As a listener of music I find listening to music very therapeutic as do I find composing and playing it. So I guess I should turn myself into the music therapy police for self medicating?

When I compose music I also intend to evoke an emotional response. I love getting comments on the emotional feel of one of my works much more than how it sounds. The sound is a means to an end. This is why I wrote "Psychomantium". If you listen long enough to music it listens to you. In simple words, music mirrors or emotions.

So I do accuse myself of practicing music therapy without a license. I leave it to music therapists to decide my sentence.

As always I write these things with utmost respect for music therapists but I do also try to invite music therapists to see things from my part of the musical forest.

I hope to get a set at the Electro Music Festival this year. If you are in the NY area you might just want to stop by. We are nice people and you would be most welcome to enjoy, and learn, about some great music. You don't need a license only a love of music.

If you want information I can send you a link.

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