Thursday, April 5, 2012

Update on Fire Giver

I just wanted to update anyone who is interested on my Fire Giver project an update.

I recently posted a primarily FM (Live's Operator) based work called "Into the Mist" on Sound Cloud:

I have received some positive feedback on it so this will be the basis for the beginning and end of the work. This is a work in progress and I have yet to add the sound effects of ice.

The title "Into the Mist" is an accurate description of the novel's end as with Victor Frankenstein dead, the monster's life driven by revenge for his own creation is left to disappear into the mist of the North Pole.

I also am also currently working on a part both for the monsters creation using some very organic sounds, electrical sounds and the sounds of industry that reflect Mary Shelley's time. I also want to create a piece representing Frankenstein's tortured horror and escape from his own creation.

Lastly I plan to write a part for the gathering of the body parts in the graveyard. These will form the core of the album and what I hope to perform at the Electro Music Festival if I get a set.

The rest of the album will come latter.

I welcome any suggestions or comments on this project.

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