Thursday, April 5, 2012

The IPad and Music

When I think about the IPad I sometimes wonder if the IPad isn't a bit like the body snatchers. Ok, I'm guilty as charged. I had to have one but I was hoping that a remnant would continue to resist.

Truth be told, I love my IPad. I am listening to Bach and writing this blog with it and yes, it is now filled with music apps. A recent Twitter post (I use it for that to) just declared it is not a toy (in regard to music).

My response? Yes, it is. Ok, sure, touch screen is nice but why can't Apple put that on a MacBook? As for the apps? They are very underpowered. To break the IPad spell, simply consider if you would buy the same apps if they cost what a soft synth costs? How many use them to write music? I rest my case.

Again, I love my IPad but let it be an IPad and let Macs be Macs. As for me, I will continue to use my Mac to write music.

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