Friday, April 6, 2012

Wob Wob Wob

I have often thought that I could make my music more popular by adopting a dance genre like Dubstep. Do I like it when people listen to my music? Like just about any artist I am delighted when people listen to my music but I would no longer enjoy making it if I tried to follow a genre.

I just read an article about Dubstep. I know I have been critical in the past of it and I guess I still am. The article talked about a diversity of styles but let's face it, it's still defined by Wob, Wob, Wob. There are even web sites suggesting methods to create Wob Wob sounds.

In the end I guess I'm glad I have not handcuffed myself to a sound. Just my humble opinion for what it's worth. Wob Wob Wob

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