Monday, April 23, 2012

Iris 0.5

One of the things I have noticed about product reviews is that they tend to be very positive. I know that I myself can only review products that I use and if I use them I like them.

But now I am going to do something that got me thrown of a VirSyn's board and that is make suggestions for improvements. First, let me say that I have decided to buy Iris. My honest evaluation is that Iris is a good start but Izotope should have added a few more features before releasing it.

First, Iris is not the Photoshop of spectrograms. Photoshop is tool rich compared to Iris. Let me suggest a few tools that would make Iris a better product:

1. A blur and sharpen brush

2. A feature to allow image files to be imported as spectrograms and the ability to export spectrograms to image files.

3. Identifying each region as an object and allow objects to be saved for use in other patches.

4. Develop a library of useful shape

5. Develop a tool to deform a spectrogram such as creating a fun house like mirror effect (a spectral LFO if you will)

Just a few suggestion on how Iris might be a stronger product.

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Mark Van Hoogstraten said...

I second that. ;-) So i'm waiting for Iris next incarnation and make do with what i have so far.

Hoping you're not encouraged by the negative reactions to your review of Iris. I for one am looking forward to whatever comes next.

Keep it up! ;-) Cheers!